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Our Epoxy Floor Installation Process

Our installation process for epoxy coatings is very detailed. Proper preparation of the floor surface is critical to the job. If you don’t prepare the flooring surface properly, the epoxy will not bond and will peel off the floor. This is common with the “do it yourself” kits you can purchase at the hardware store and can also happen with inexperienced or less-than-ethical installers.
Strong Bond may take longer to prepare and install your residential epoxy floor, but we want you to get the best possible result! Faster is not always better!

Day One Epoxy Flooring Prep


On day one, we will diamond grind, or shot blast, your floor to ensure the surface is properly prepared before applying the epoxy.
If the floor is too smooth, the epoxy may not bond with the floor and create the adhesion that is necessary.
The first coat of epoxy can be described as a mechanical bonding with the concrete. Improperly prepared concrete will not provide this bond, and the coating will not last.
Generally, by the end of day one, we will have your floor prepared, and our base or primer coat will be installed and then allowed to properly cure overnight.

Day Two Epoxy Flooring Application


On day two, we will ensure the initial coat has properly cured and will complete your application by applying the next coat, or the “Top Coat,” to the floor. This coat is clear in colour and will ensure the floor is properly sealed and protected.
In 24 hours, you can walk on the floor, and we suggest waiting 48 hours before moving furniture or vehicles back in.
To ensure a complete application using the right product, this is generally a two-day process. The length of time can be extended or reduced by humidity and temperature. It is possible to complete a one-day install, but this is not a Strong Bond practice.

Day Three Epoxy Flooring Finishing


Your new floor is ready!
Light foot traffic is ok at this point. We recommend 24-48 hours before regular traffic and furniture/equipment are back on the floor.
Your Strong Bond installer will answer any questions you have.

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