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    Diamond grind to required csp rating
    Compound repair of cracks or spalling
    Apply epoxy basecoat at 10 to 12 mils
    Broadcast vinyl flakes to rejection
    Allow minimum 12 hours curing
    Inspect and prepare floor for topcoat
    Apply topcoat of polyaspartic at 12 mils
Silver Epoxy Garage Floor Package

Our Silver Epoxy Flooring package is one of our most popular epoxy garage floor packages and has been offered since we opened our business.
Our silver epoxy flooring package will provide you with a great epoxy floor coating for your residential garage and is perfect for almost every garage.
We prepare your floor by concrete grinding and ensure that any cracks or other repairs are completed prior to our coating being applied. We then apply our High-Grade Epoxy base coat to your floor and add the vinyl flakes to the epoxy to the point of full saturation. This is about 50 pounds of flakes for every car space in your garage.
On day two, we top-coat your floor with our Polyaspartic.
This floor includes our 5-year SB Adhesion Warranty.