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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Strong Bond a franchise?

    No, Strong Bond is owned by Mike Barnett. We are based in Moncton and our installation teams provide services to our commercial, industrial, and residential customers across Atlantic Canada.

  • Does Strong Bond use sub-contractors?

    All Strong Bond installation projects are performed by our own employees. We are extremely proud of our loyal employees. We continually invest in training for our employees to make sure they are among the most highly trained in the industry, by the best product and equipment manufacturers in Canada and the USA.

  • What is the warranty?

    Strong Bond provides a 5-year adhesion warranty on our residential garage coatings. We are confident in providing this warranty, knowing that your floor is properly prepared, in accordance with standards established by ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) before any coatings are applied.
    Also, of note is that, unlike some companies, we use epoxy as our base coat in our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. Epoxy has been the tried, tested and true coating for many decades and provides the mechanical bond that will ensure the success of our coating.
    See our blog articles on warranty and the difference between 1 versus 2-day installations.

  • Why do you grind my floor before application?

    It is critical that your concrete be prepared to accept the coating prior to applying a coating. 73% of coating failures happen due to improper floor preparation. Strong Bond uses diamond head planetary grinders to prepare your floor to the required Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) rating prior to applying any coating.
    Using an acid wash to clean the floor rather than grinding before applying a coating is not the recommended preparation method. This often creates a failure to achieve the necessary bond between epoxy and concrete resulting in a coating failure within the first year or so?
    See our blog on why coatings fail

  • How long does the process take?

    Most Strong Bond residential garage installations will take 2 days as outlined below; with larger ones perhaps taking 3 days.

    Day 1 is generally preparing the floor by grinding as well as any cracks or other repairs. We will finish day 1 with our base coat of epoxy and the flakes, or quartz, broadcast being applied, or with our primer.

    On day 2 we will prepare the floor for the next level of coating (if applicable), or the final top coat of Polyaspartic, depending on client’s preference.

    If your residential coating includes a third level of coating, this will likely extend into a third day.

  • How soon can I go back on my floor?

    We recommend you allow 24 hours after our final coat, before foot traffic is permitted back on the floor and at least 48 hours before vehicle, other traffic and heavy furnishings are back on the floor.

    The longer you can allow the coatings to cure is better.

  • Why not use a "DIY" do it yourself kit?

    There are many kits available on the market. It is our opinion, and experience, that these kits do not provide the proper floor preparation to ensure a long-term bond to your floor. It is also common to see that the chemistry of these kits is inferior to the quality products used by a reputable contractor.
    See our blog on Do It Yourself or Do It Right?

  • How do I clean my epoxy floors?

    Cleaning your Strong Bond epoxy floor is very easy. It can be swept and washed with a hose and brush or scrubbed with a light duty scrub brush if necessary.
    We recommend a mild, neutral PH detergent be used, and one that will not leave a residue.
    Our other business, C2M Supply Inc., has SB Epoxy Cleaner and other cleaning tools and equipment available for online purchase. They also carry commercial cleaning equipment.

  • How long will my coating last?

    A professionally installed epoxy floor coating in your residential garage should last for many years. Our 5-year warranty will protect you from adhesion failure.

    After many years of traffic and use you may be wanting to refresh the top coat on your floor, which is an easy process for us to do. While we cannot guarantee the top coat, we can suggest that you may never need to do anything to your floor other than enjoy it and clean it occasionally.

  • What is the most popular garage coating?

    Our most popular garage coatings would be our Silver or Gold coatings. Both of these will provide you with a perfect coating and many years of enjoyment.

    See our garage package options.

  • Why should I choose epoxy flooring over other flooring options?

    Epoxy flooring offers many benefits over alternative floor systems. Installation costs are comparable with other flooring types and it provides a low lifecycle cost, thanks to its longevity and durability. It is easy to maintain and never needs to be polished or waxed. It does not require special care instructions aside from sweeping and washing.

  • Should I have epoxy flooring installed in my basement?

    An epoxy coating is one of the most practical flooring solutions available for your basement. It will not suffer from mildew, mold, or warping due to moisture problems, unlike carpet, laminate, and hardwood. Epoxy is commonly used to seal concrete and waterproof a basement floor, to stop moisture from coming up through your basement floor. It is also a cost-effective way to transform an unfinished basement into usable living space.
    Another option to consider is polished concrete. Ask us about our concrete polishing services.

  • Is epoxy flooring affordable?

    An epoxy coating is very affordable, especially in terms of garage epoxy flooring. It is comparable to the cost of having hardwood flooring installed.
    Strong Bond also offers financing packages on residential work, ask us for details.

  • What do I need to do in preparation of your arrival?

    There is truly little you need to do to get ready for us other than clearing out the area to be coated. Prepping your concrete floor for epoxy takes longer than the epoxy installation itself, therefore it is important that the entire floor be cleared of any furniture or clutter. There should be absolutely nothing on the floor that will need to be moved once we arrive.

  • Do your recommend a 1-day install?

    1-Day floor installations are great for contractors but may not provide you with the best product for the long term. 
    If time is of the essence and the conditions are right for a 1-Day installation, we can provide you with one. Give us a call to discuss your situation and we will propose the best option for you.
    See our blog on 1-Day versus 2-Day installs.

  • My garage floor has cracks and damage. Can you fix it?

    Yes, we use a variety of cutting-edge materials and crack repair equipment to repair cracks and damage, so they are no longer visible and making them much less likely to return.

    Major cracks and damage may require us to use carbon fibre staples, or screen, to repair the cracks and prevent further damage. We can discuss this with you once we see the floor.

  • Why don't you chemically etch or acid wash the concrete?

    Acid-washing is not a method that is used by professionals. It does not create the profile that is required for these types of coatings to properly bond to the concrete, and the method is not approved by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI).

    Also, if the acid is not properly neutralized, the altered pH can damage the concrete, and the new coating. 

  • How much dust will be created during the surface preparation process?

    There is some dust created as part of the grinding process. We use some of the best dust extraction systems (with HEPA filtration) that are specifically designed to control the dust that is generated during the grinding process.

  • Will you coat the front aprons?

    The aprons are the section of concrete between the garage door and the driveway. It can be done as an option, but most people choose not to have them coated. If you would like them coated, we can do it; just let us know when we are providing your quote.

  • How long can a well installed epoxy flooring system last?

    When an epoxy flooring system is installed properly by a professional, the floors can last for many years. There have been a lot of improvements in technologies that have benefited the lifespan of epoxy flooring. However, the epoxy flooring systems life expectancy can vary depending on how it is being installed.