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    Shot blast or diamond grind to required csp rating
    Compound repair of cracks or spalling
    Apply primer coat to concrete at 4 mils
    Allow enough curing time (4 hrs minimum)
    Apply epoxy basecoat at 6 to 8 mils
    Broadcast quartz or flakes to rejection
    Allow minimum proper curing time
    Apply second coat of epoxy at 4 to 6 mils
    Second broadcast of quartz or flake
    Allow curing time and inspect and prepare floor
    Apply grout coat at rate of 4 mils
    Apply topcoat of polyaspartic with optional anti-slip
Platinum Epoxy Garage Floor Package

Our Platinum package is the highest-level residential epoxy garage floor coating on the market.
Your floor will be prepared by diamond grinding or shot blasting. All cracks and other repairs will be completed. Once prepared we apply a primer basecoat.
Then we apply a basecoat of epoxy and add your custom vinyl or quartz flakes.
The following day we prepare the floor and apply another epoxy layer with another layer of flakes or quartz.
For the final steps we finish off this masterpiece with a grout coat and then a final clear coat of Polyaspartic.
The result is an extremely high-quality epoxy floor, which you will be proud to show off.